Sherri Lynn Theberge


Board Certified Holistic Nurse, Lactation Consultant and Massage Therapist

Holistic Nurse Sherri Theberge has always had an affinity with the healing wisdom of water–the element symbolic of cleansing, intuition and fertility; our life source.

She has dedicated herself to the practice of healing inspired by these same principals. An avid surfer, naturalist and dedicated mother and wife, her passions unite in her calling to help others become whole by reconnecting with the earthly and cosmic web we are all a part of.

sherri bio

Ever seeking to expand on her degrees in nursing and psychology and her specialization in the healing arts for women’s health, Sherri continues to eagerly study both eastern and western modalities. Her integrative approach blends holistic and conventional therapies to open channels to the body’s innate intelligence. During your session with Sherri, your mind, body and spirit are adjusted and harmonized to deliver you to vibrant health.

Sherri founded Inner Waves Integrative Health at the Cocoloba Center in Coral Bay, St. John in 2010 with the mission to provide a sacred space for authentic healing. Schedule an appointment to discover optimal health or a joyful pregnancy and fearless childbirth through custom tailored therapeutic sessions.