What is a Doula?

Your Guide to Fertility, Birth and Motherhood

A doula is your resource for information, emotional support and physical comfort. Empower yourself with intuitive guidance, hands on comfort and evidenced based education to create the birth experience you desire.

With the decision to bring new life into the world comes a radical shift of consciousness. This is a time of great power, deep introspection and new body awareness. It can also be a time of confusion and doubt. Having a guide, or doula, on one of life’s most sacred journeys, gives you the physical and emotional support you need for a joyful and fearless pregnancy and birth.

Studies show that having a doula present with you during birth that women and their partners are more likely to feel positive about their birth experience, are more likely to breastfeed successfully, and incidences of postpartum depression is lessened. Requests for epidurals are reduced by 60% and pain medication by 30%, cesarean rate decreases by 50%, Pitocin use during labor decreases by 40%,  and labor is 25% shorter. (Statistics from The Mother of All Pregnancy Books, 2nd Edition. Copyright (c) 2011 by Ann Douglas)


Complete Doula Package

As your doula, I am trained to guide you through conception, pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and postpartum care. Through the miracle of birth, we will cultivate your divine feminine spirit and create a new humanity in peace.  I will provide a safe space for you emotionally and spiritually while giving you the information and awareness you need for a successful pregnancy and labor.

  • Consultation
  • Create a birth vision
  • 4 prenatal visits
  • Supplemental education regarding prenatal care, birth, nutrition, relaxation, meditation, yoga postures, hypnobirthing techniques and other resources
  • Phone and email support during pregnancy, early labor and postpartum period.
  • Starting at the 38th week, 24 hour on call support
  • Onset of early labor, active labor and birthing support and advocacy
  • Three postpartum home visits (first visit is on day 3 or 4 after birth, at 2 weeks and then 6 weeks postpartum) to aid in healing, newborn care, breastfeeding, infant massage, baby wearing and creating a support network.
  • Breastfeeding assessment, education, support and resources
  • Three 60 minute massage & bodywork sessions
  • Prenatal & postpartum herbal therapy suggestions

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Additional Doula Services

For consultation and information about a healthy pregnancy and assistance in creating a birth vision, to postpartum adjustments and guidance, explore these individual sessions designed to give you support at any stage of your pregnancy.

I also offer a special and unique healing postpartum session where I help you to explore the magic of birth in telling your sacred birth story–especially helpful if you have had a traumatic birth.

Prenatal Doula

If you are feeling overwhelmed and are looking for a trusted source to help you explore all of your options these sessions for you. Let me guide you through this special time and together create the birth plan that is just for you.

Sessions include:

  • Childbirth or supplemental education regarding pregnancy, birth, the postpartum period, breastfeeding, utilizing local resources and making informed decisions
  • Create a birth vision
  • Nutrition, herbal, yoga and exercise recommendations
  • Email and phone support throughout pregnancy

$165 per 90 min session


Postpartum Doula

After the birth of your child, I offer education, companionship and hands-on support during the postpartum period to help you heal and bond with your newborn and begin breastfeeding and general care.

Sessions include:

  • Birth review, coping & health assessment
  • Breastfeeding assessment, education, support and resources
  • Infant care education
  • Infant massage techniques
  • Baby wearing
  • Creating a support network and resources
  • Postpartum herbal therapy suggestions

$150 per 90 min session (Home or Office visits)

Postpartum Healing Session

Surrender to the unfolding of your unique birth experience through The Sacred Birth Story.

The wide open self that emerges when you transcend the known through giving birth will be spoken and retold to be treasured as a heart-keep.

Ignite joy, wonder, compassion and strength as we weave the story of your child’s arrival through visualization, intuitive touch, and storytelling. This session will create a safe space to transform your journey into deep understanding and a story of amazing  love.

$150 per 90 min session