Massage and Bodywork

I offer two basic types of bodywork: Holistic Massage Therapy–a custom designed blend of bodywork techniques and energy work to relax and soothe the body, and Craniosacral Therapy–the use of specific light pressure holds to manipulate and correct the energy flow and emotional blockages in your body.


Holistic Massage Therapy 

An integrative massage and healing session tailored to the individual needs of the client connecting the mind, body and spirit.

Many massage techniques employ the same sequence of muscle and tissue manipulation regardless of the unique needs of each client. The holistic massage therapy session is created just for you from your specific physical, emotional and spiritual profile. Your first treatment will begin with a thorough assessment of your health and lifestyle through an intake discussion. Based on our discoveries, your custom blend of bodywork may include deep tissue strokes, myofascial release, acupressure, craniosacral holds, reflexology, energy work, crystals/stones, essential oils and hot or cold therapy. With holistic massage therapy, deep and lasting healing will be yours.

60 minutes $110

90 minutes $150



Craniosacral Therapy (CST)

Craniosacral Therapy releases tensions that are deep in the body. Using a light-touch approach these areas are gently manipulated to allow for the natural flow and balance of energy to be restored. Craniosacral Therapy is an excellent choice for those with chronic pain, infants, children, and elderly people.

Restore health and release pain with gentle support and manipulation of the skull, spinal column and the cerebral spinal fluid that bathes it. This subtle bodywork, using craniosacral holds and very light touch, returns us to the core of our being by unblocking congestion and inertia in the energetic body. Emotionally, CST affects deep, primary patterns allowing exploration of emotions and providing you with a safe container for emotional issues to resolve.  Spiritually, CST opens doors to both your heart and soul. This is a life changing therapy that yields profound and lasting healing.

75 minutes $125